All sorts of love

It’s Valentine’s Day, and there’s a lot of love goin’ around. And in the spirit of the holiday, I’m sharing some love for people in this community! First, shoutout to the makeup, hair and photography team behind some of my recent photos: Chantal Dominique Photography … Read moreAll sorts of love


Photography: Chantal Dominique Photography Makeup: Jon Gregory The ghost town’s been revitalized: After a seriously long blog hiatus, IndyDressed is back and ready for 2023! So, what have I been doing since the last time I actually sat down to blog? Well, I’ve been busy… … Read moreTHE FASHION RENAISSANCE


Anyone else feeling like it’s somehow still Halloween? The creepy, the dramatic and the weird don’t necessarily fade away when October does — which is a good thing in my book, because why not add a bit of weird fascination to your own style year-round? … Read moreDRAMATIC CREATURES

This is halloween

Happy Halloween from Sally of Halloween Town! (Jack is around here somewhere…) When the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra plays “The Nightmare Before Christmas” on Halloween, how can I resist dressing up for the afternoon performance? This dress was made (with my horribly rudimentary sewing skills) using … Read moreThis is halloween


Anyone else start a garden during the pandemic? Granted, 2020 was my third year of growing vegetables in our suburban backyard, but like everyone else on my Instagram feed (or so it seemed), my husband and I dove into growing more. Tomatoes and a couple … Read moreHIGH-FASHION HOMESTEAD

IndyDressed TURNS 8!

Just like that, IndyDressed is eight! A whopping eight years since a 25-year-old fashionista with a pixie cut and a mediocre old-school digital camera decided to take a leap. Then came hundreds of blog posts, dozens of collaborations, and some life changes along the way. … Read moreIndyDressed TURNS 8!