What have I been doing for the last month and a half? Honestly, a whole lot of stress eating, literary escapism, and long walks through my neighborhood at least 10 feet away from anyone else. I’m not gonna lie, this fashion blogger’s recent uniform of … Read moreTHE QUARANTINE DIARIES

Farewell, 2018

How do I even begin describing 2018? IndyDressed turned 5 years old in July, if you can believe it (I still don’t think I totally believe it myself), and I entered a new decade of adventures. (Don’t really believe that either.) Checked off a few … Read moreFarewell, 2018

Macaron Bar

If there’s a new sweets spot in town, you know I’ll sniff it out immediately. (Consider me a sweet-tooth hounddog.) After a few months of delays, Macaron Bar‘s first location in Indiana is open for business on Massachusetts Avenue across the street from BRU Burger … Read moreMacaron Bar