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Have you heard? Newfields’ newest exhibit is here!

Honored to have had the chance to visit the Stephen Sprouse “Rock | Art | Fashion” exhibit before it opens this weekend. If you think museums are boring, this is an exhibit you need to see. You may not have heard of Sprouse, but the designer with Columbus, Indiana, ties designed for Madonna, Debbie Harry and other famous faces, collaborated on one of Louis Vuitton’s most successful lines and even made the suit his close friend Andy Warhol was buried in.

Thanks for the invite, Newfields!

Last night we dressed up in our finest ‘80s vintage (or ‘80s-inspired outfits) to hear Sprouse’s younger brother dedicate the new exhibit — and tell hilarious stories about Stephen — before viewing a curated selection from the more than 12,000 clothing items, sketches and Polaroids the Sprouse family donated to Newfields. Sprouse was ahead of his time with the science of textiles, known for his Day-Glo designs and the way his pieces would reflect light on stage or in nightclubs, and he even created head-to-toe looks made from NASA space images.

See more from the opening celebration, courtesy of the photos on my phone:

This photo doesn’t do Jodie’s handmade hat justice. And Emily created her own Sprouse-inspired textiles!
Rosane kills the fashion game every time!
That gorgeous neon glow! (All the bright colors, please!)
If you Zoom in (or squint really, really hard), you can see Andy Warhol’s signature on each of these.
Toured the exhibit with my fellow fashionistas Leslie Bailey, founder of Indy Maven (who gets all the kudos for crimping her hair) and designer Nikki Blaine (who was teaching us how to up our mirror selfie posing game).
Stephen Sprouse also collaborated with Keith Haring (in case you couldn’t already tell from the distinctive lines on these looks).
With all the exciting news coming from NASA this week, Sprouse’s line of head-to-toe looks using images from space that he received from NASA doesn’t feel so “vintage.”
I file this under “Kate Moss can literally wear anything.”

Get the details about my vintage look: “A whole lotta ’80s”

Above photo: Chantal Dominique Photography
Makeup: Jon Gregory
Hair: Kaleb Talarico

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