During a recent talk from Fort Wayne native and author Ashley C. Ford at the Cabaret in downtown Indy, the subject of the city’s reputation nationwide, especially in pop culture, came up. Her response to cultural gatekeepers on the coasts: “You think you know Indiana because you ignore it.”

That quote stuck with me.

If you have no ties to Indiana, you may think we’re nothing more than a “flyover state” of a bunch of basketball-crazed people surrounded by corn. While we indeed love our sports and our crops, our culture is more than that. So much more. Since 2013, it’s been my mission to celebrate the amazing Indianapolis community — primarily regarding fashion but other arts and industries too — through this blog.

So dive on in and read about Indy’s artists in fashion, interior design, cuisine and entertainment (with some occasional musings by yours truly), because this blog is about more than how you dress yourself. It’s about how you dress every part of your life.

‚ÄčThis is IndyDressed.