Social distancing, but make it fashion.* *For the record, these photos were taken before COVID-19 came stateside. PHOTOGRAPHY: Chantal Dominique PhotographyMAKEUP: Merle NormanLOCATION: Flat Fork Creek Park, Fishers


Puffy jackets and lace-up boots one day, shirtdresses and sandals the next. The whiplash-worthy paradox of Indiana weather negates any need for a strict seasonal wardrobe, and although online memes that prey upon our pride to be unique may suggest otherwise, it’s not just a … Read moreWINTER GAMES

Showtime in Shoji

It’s no secret that my favorite place in the world is Japan. Just ask my friends. They’ll tell you that my first love wasn’t my husband — or any of the guys I dated before him — but instead was this island nation 6,000 miles … Read moreShowtime in Shoji

Scotland (Back)yard

It seems only fitting that we receive our first big snow of the season the week I delve into the first few chapters of “A Game of Thrones.” After all, winter is coming, right? Amidst my first true foray into George R.R. Martin’s literary epic … Read moreScotland (Back)yard

Farewell, 2018

How do I even begin describing 2018? IndyDressed turned 5 years old in July, if you can believe it (I still don’t think I totally believe it myself), and I entered a new decade of adventures. (Don’t really believe that either.) Checked off a few … Read moreFarewell, 2018

Off to the Markt!

The Carmel Christkindlmarkt, that is. On a blustery December afternoon with highs in the 20s and Indy’s first snow of the season, the Christkindlmarkt felt like a snowglobe of tiny wooden cabins distracted by clouds of whirling ice skaters and floating snowflakes.  It was only … Read moreOff to the Markt!