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Puffy jackets and lace-up boots one day, shirtdresses and sandals the next. The whiplash-worthy paradox of Indiana weather negates any need for a strict seasonal wardrobe, and although online memes that prey upon our pride to be unique may suggest otherwise, it’s not just a Hoosier thing. (Yeah, sorry.)

Personally, there’s a silver lining to not having a “summer” or “winter” wardrobe: It allows me an easy way to bring more color into a season known for blacks, browns, burgundies and greys. (And you all know how much I love bright colors.) These winter games Mother Nature plays aren’t just the physical, the tangible sleet and opaque skies — they’re psychological, too. So why not create your own type of sunshine by layering a warmer-weather piece (like a crazy zebra-print midi dress) with typical winter items (like some Italian leather pants)?

Hair and makeup: Rachel Madison
Photography: Dauss Miller
Blush zebra-print midi dress: Topshop
Italian leather pants: Maison de Papillon
Black-and-white handbag: Forever 21

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