Sunshine and (the end of) summertime

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If you’re like me, your Labor Day weekend probably consisted of the quintessential end-of-summer mixture of sizzling grills, a perfume of chlorine and SPF 50, and the most carefree outfits in your closet. Of course, my Labor Day weekend also tends to include the seasonal fashionista paradox of lounging by the pool while flipping through the pages of September’s Vogue past ads featuring cable-knit sweaters, knee-high red leather boots and faux-fur vests. 

It wouldn’t be September without them. And I love it.

No worries to my summer-loving friends: We still technically have 17 more days before fall begins, regardless of when rogue Starbucks baristas start serving PSLs. And I’ll have a few more tributes to summertime before September 22.

What’s coming to IndyDressed this month:

  • Travel guides from my road trip to the Pacific Northwest
  • The second part of my Indy jeweler series
  • How you can give back to high school students using items currently in your closet
  • A preview of fall fashion trends from one of my fave Indy stylists

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