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*This post, the first part of a series on Indy-area jewelry stores, is sponsored by Petite G Jewelers. 

Have you ever wondered about the science behind jewelry making? Well, if you haven’t, prepare to be intrigued. Dana Friedman, owner of Petite G Jewelers (formerly G Thrapp Jewelers) on North Illinois, invited a few of us Indy fashionistas and bloggers over for a tour of her shop–including a behind-the-scenes look at the magic that transforms metal and stone into the sparkly objects we’re willing to drop a lot of cash for.
The first stop on the tour: the basement, which resembles a science classroom, full of expensive-looking gadgets and machines that engrave, buff, polish, shine and more. (Seriously, there’s even the token beaker of colorful liquid. Anyone else having a high school chem flashback?)

Dana herself, in a stunning off-the-shoulder white dress and heels, offered to show me the process of buffing and polishing luxury pieces using my own engagement and wedding rings. Honestly, between taking photos and observing her, I don’t remember too many of the details she shared with me (sorry, guys!), but it was exciting–in a nerdy sort of way.


No VIP blogger jewelry party is complete without the three S’s–sweets, swag and shiny things–and Petite G served up all three (as shown in the photos below).

Have to give a shoutout to a few of my fave Indy fashionistas who also came out to support Petite G, including Madison of Preppy Guide to Life, Jenn of Jenn Wolf Designs, Britt of Britt Behind the Scenes (below, left) and Abby of Seven and Stitch (below, right).

And the “Palest Feet in the World” award goes to … (Yours truly!)


Of course, any jewelry store will have pieces that are outside your everyday budget, but I found a couple of surprisingly affordable lines, such as Nina Nguyen‘s collection with sustainably sourced stones. During the first day of Petite G’s semi-annual sale earlier this week, I picked up these two necklaces–perfect for mixing and matching–for 30% off. Can’t wait to bring them, and this vintage 1964 edition of Les Mis that I bought at Pen and Pink, on my vacation to the Pacific Northwest.

Thanks again to Dana and her team at Petite G for the VIP treatment and tour!

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