What have I been doing for the last month and a half? Honestly, a whole lot of stress eating, literary escapism, and long walks through my neighborhood at least 10 feet away from anyone else. I’m not gonna lie, this fashion blogger’s recent uniform of … Read moreTHE QUARANTINE DIARIES

Get your grill on

If you’re a vegetarian, this post may not be your cup of tea (or cut of beef, rather). However, if you’re a proud carnivore who’s prepping for a Memorial Day/Indy 500 weekend barbecue, read on for a look at one of Central Indiana’s local butcher … Read moreGet your grill on

The “52” Challenge

Do you like food? (Cooking it, eating it, looking at scrumptious pictures of it?) If the answer is yes, you’re invited to follow along with my “52 in 2017” challenge!   I’ve never been much of a cook, but I love what food represents: community, family, … Read moreThe “52” Challenge

Summer, we’re ready for you

Happy Memorial Day to you! If you’re an apartment dweller like me and can’t grill anything without getting in serious trouble with your landlord, here’s a New York Times recipe for the delicious stovetop meatballs I made into summery skewers with oven-roasted veggies.