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It’s officially been 2018 for, oh, 36ish hours, which means I’ve got another 6 months before I finally get used to writing “2018” on reports for work. In the meantime, this is the best opportunity for me to once again reflect on another year of blogging (my 4th with IndyDressed!) and life (hello, final months as a 20-something!) and write a sappy, personal post with my favorite looks from 2017, flashbacks and goals for 2018. Clichéd? Quite possibly. Am I still going to do it? Of course!

Sure, running a fashion and lifestyle blog usually means a LOT of photos of yourself, and this blog is no exception. (I mean, just look at this post’s tribute to my favorite 2017 ensembles.) That said, everything about my fashion and lifestyle posts–the clothes, the environment, the food, the people and the culture–is a mirror depicting life, love and joy here in the Circle City. Way back in July 2013, I named this blog IndyDressed because of its fashion component, but now it’s so much more because it’s not just how you dress yourself, it’s how you dress your life.

In 2017, Indy continued to grow with award-winning restaurants, boutiques, artists and events.
Through this blog, I introduced my readers to:

Yep, Indy is super cool–even cooler than the bright yellow Volkswagen bus I’m standing in front of in the photo above. While Indianapolis isn’t perfect, it’s continuing to make a (positive) name for itself and giving me a stage and platform to share this community with you. In 2017, in addition to all of the bullet points listed above, I met some ah-mazing and inspiring fellow bloggers during another year as a member of the Indy Blog Society. If you haven’t followed the Indy Blog Society on Facebook and Instagram, please do! And if you’re a fellow blogger in Central Indiana, you’re welcome to join! (It’s free and open to everyone.)

So, what does 2018 hold? Well, if I were to jump on the “pick a word to describe your goals for 2018” bandwagon (and I am, because why not?), my word for 2018 would have to be… *drumroll*…

​This word has been floating around in my head for awhile, and it eventually stuck in my consciousness and refuses to leave. It’s the word I’ve chosen for multiple reasons:

  1. In a crazy world of 24/7 media and deadlines and stress, I have to be accountable to myself and the goals I set and not lose myself in what’s easy or convenient or more fun. (Sorry, Netflix, but I’ve got ambitions to follow.) My goals for 2018: reading a novel completely in Japanese, training to finish a half marathon and baking all the challenges from two seasons of The Great British Baking Show’s Masterclass.
  2. Entering my second year of marriage, I acknowledge that sometimes I can be distracted and not fully in the moment, or that I can procrastinate on small things that irritate my husband (*ahem* like leaving makeup products all over the bathroom sink–I’ll admit it!). Here’s to being a more accountable wife in the small ways that make a big difference.
  3. In the previously mentioned “crazy world,” we can take simple steps to make life better for others. So I’m keeping myself accountable in standing up for social justice and for those who could use a cheerleader and advocate, as well as taking care of our ecosystems any way I can.

​There you have it, my goals in writing, so I can be accountable to my accountability. (Yeah, I confused myself with that sentence, too.) Do you have a word for 2018? Let me know in the comments!

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