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Ever spend your waking hours searching for cat videos on YouTube? Constantly crave sugar? Lose track of time pinning party-perfect recipes that, let’s be honest, you could never replicate yourself without ending up on a Pinterest Fail blog? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’ll probably like this post. If you answered yes to all three, well, what are you waiting for??

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I figured it couldn’t hurt to fill a post with a few things I really love right now–chances are, if you’re following this blog, you might love them too.

​First is this super comfy and super cute hot pink pajama set from Pillowtalk (86th and Dean Road). Not only does it fit two of spring 2017’s top trends (contrast piping and pink as the “it” color), but it also involved two of my favorite words: on sale. Owner Kimberly has stocked several styles of loungewear and pajamas in store and online, so check them out!

Second, for all my Indy-based Pinterest foodies out there, you need to follow Kelly Brannon on Instagram. Stat! Kelly (below), a Chanel makeup artist at Saks’ Indy location, also makes ah-mazing macarons in her free time. In one trip, I picked up my macarons and also found the perfect illuminating face powder. That’s what I call success!

​You can buy her macarons at Tilly’s Tea Room on the third floor of Saks, or you can follow her on Instagram @sweetsntreats317 and send her a custom order, like these Bobbi Brown macarons she recently baked.

Seriously, though, how magical are these unicorn macarons? If only I had a daughter who dreamed of living in a fairytale … Just imagine a birthday party with these!

^^^ I might not get my wish of breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day, but macarons in bed will suffice.
Yeah, I know you can’t buy my cat–this crazy little “sophisticat” is priceless anyway–but Jasmine weaseled her way into my photo shoot, and if you’re a cat person, you know how persistent they can be. So, let’s end this post with my favorite furry Valentine in all her mischievous glory.

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