This is halloween

Happy Halloween from Sally of Halloween Town! (Jack is around here somewhere…) When the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra plays “The Nightmare Before Christmas” on Halloween, how can I resist dressing up for the afternoon performance? This dress was made (with my horribly rudimentary sewing skills) using … Read moreThis is halloween


Last year I dressed up as Downton Abbey’s wise(cracking) septuagenarian Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham. Brought it back stateside (and closer to my actual age) this year. Happy Halloween, everyone! Sincerely, A. Ham

Halloween Part 2: Zombie Bride of Frankenstein

… And here it is! Happy Halloween from IndyDressed and the zombie bride of Frankenstein. May you all find yourself with a bag of treats instead of rocks (Charlie Brown reference) and only as much thrilling fear as you can handle. 😉