IndyDressed TURNS 8!

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Just like that, IndyDressed is eight!

A whopping eight years since a 25-year-old fashionista with a pixie cut and a mediocre old-school digital camera decided to take a leap. Then came hundreds of blog posts, dozens of collaborations, and some life changes along the way. Oh yeah, and the start of a global pandemic.

Now we’re here.

Usually, this would be when I’d recap the stories I’ve shared this past year, the people I’ve met, the events where I’ve taken you behind the scenes. But not this year, and not just because it’s been more than a year of sporadic blogging. For many reasons, Year 7 for IndyDressed was a year of rest. In fact, you may have noticed that there wasn’t anything marking what should’ve been a “lucky” #7 — here on this blog, on social media, nothing. With a world in crisis, it felt odd to be celebrating anything other than simply surviving the sudden stop of the life we knew.

As IndyDressed looks toward a decade, I’m happy to just continue connecting with you and telling the stories of Indy’s fashion industry (with some food, travel and other fun thrown in). Because it means we’re still here, enjoying what this city has to offer. And that is definitely worth celebrating.

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