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It seemed like the countdown to the new Fishers IKEA would never end–it’s been in the news for a year–but we’re now only days away from the official opening of the first IKEA store in Indiana and the 45th store in the U.S. I no longer need to drive a couple hours to Cinci or Chi-town to snack on those famous Swedish meatballs and pick up some modern housewares for our apartment. (Too bad my husband doesn’t share my enthusiasm for home decor!) 

I was invited to the Fishers IKEA’s press preview day this past Wednesday, and all I can say is that IKEA fans won’t be disappointed in this one-story addition to the IKEA family. Wait, I lied–that’s definitely not all I can say. Let the summary begin!


My favorite part of IKEA (other than stuffing my face with meatballs) is simply walking through the dozens of designed room replicas and jotting down ideas I can take back to my own home. Follow along the store’s linear path–no worries, there are signs hanging from the ceiling directing you where to go–to catch the room replicas’ witty statements. Looking for design inspo? Room sizes (some smaller than 400 square feet!) are posted for each room module, as well as a list of what items are included and the total price to bring a similar look to your space.

Our IKEA tour guide emphasized that the store’s displays are meant to show widely different design styles, and that’s what we saw: one bright yellow and casual, another more formal with soft neutrals, yet another with dark, rich colors and Turkish rugs. It makes it easy to then find the pieces and styles that stand out to you. Below are a few of the items and settings that caught my eye.

Noteworthy sections of the new IKEA: an area of pet-related goods (reflective collars, scratching posts, food bowls, etc.), something that’s rolling out to other IKEAs as well; a kids’ play area with ball pit; and a self-serve fabric cutting station.

Also, for all of you parents out there, check out the children’s section of the store for stuffed animals, circus tent-shaped hideaways and fun Halloween costumes.


Yes, it’s time to talk about those Swedish meatballs and lingonberry sauce (and a bunch of other yummy Scandinavian treats). We were lucky to be treated to a Swedish breakfast smorgasbord of shrimp-topped deviled eggs, German pancakes, potato latkes, cucumber-and-herb salmon, Daim almond-chocolate cake and cinnamon buns, the latter to celebrate Swedish Cinnamon Bun Day on Oct. 4.

Is your mouth watering yet? Good news: These foods are available in the store’s 325-seat restaurant, and some can also be purchased in the Swedish food store, which offers a self-serve candy bar, frozen meals, Scandinavian snacks and–of course–several large freezers full of meatballs.


Did you know that the Fishers IKEA has another Indy connection? Indianapolis seamstress Jamie Lee Bushong–who also happens to be my sewing teacher–is the person behind the cloth curtains, lampshades, banners and pillow covers you’ll see throughout the cafeteria and designed rooms. (In the photo below, you’ll see that she even made a matching skirt for herself!) Read my exclusive Q&A with Jamie about her experience with IKEA.

photo above courtesy of Jamie


October 11: The day Fishers says “Välkommen!” to IKEA . Looking for info on giveaways? Get the full list via fellow Indy blogger Ann-Marie Baker Rohe’s blog, Chaos is Bliss, which includes 45 beige EKTORP three-seat sofas and 100 POÄNG armchairs for the first adults in line and 100 FAMNIG HJÄRTA heart-shaped soft toys for the first children (all pictured below).

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Thanks again to Fishers IKEA staff for hosting us on Wednesday! Will you be at the store opening? Leave a note in the comments!

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