Pillows of chocolate and paintings

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If you’ve checked out my Instagram anytime in the last, oh, almost 4 years, you know I can’t resist anything with sugar … or carbs … So you can imagine how excited I was to attend First Friday at the Gallery Pastry Shop in SoBro and finally see what all the hype surrounding this place was about. Plus, Indy artist and fellow Ball State alum Britt Ritchie was showcasing her oil-on-canvas works, colorful pieces that playfully and exquisitely blend left-brain numerals and right-brain abstracts. They were carefully scattered around the shop, keeping the pastry chefs company behind the glass as they stirred batter and overlooking patrons’ laugh-out-loud conversations in the dining area. 

Oh, yeah, the verdict: The $8 chocolate mousse pillows are worth every penny. And, if you’re on a tight budget, make sure to hit up the shop on $1 macaron Wednesdays.

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