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Love beer (or wine, or Triton Brewing root beer)? Love flowers? If you especially love the idea of both at once, check out the Indianapolis Museum of Art‘s newest attraction: its beer garden, where you can unwind from a busy work week with some al fresco conversation in its 30-person seating area or a stroll through acres of blooms, drink in hand. I admit I’m not a fan of beer, but that didn’t keep me from happily basking in the afternoon sun I’ve missed this past week while my craft beer-loving husband taste-tested some libations.

On the menu at this all-ages chill spot: Sun King’s exclusive “Among the Leaves,” my husband’s choice, as well as Warsteiner German Pilsener, Riesling and some non-alcoholic options. There are also soft pretzels, but they were apparently sold out when we arrived. The line for drink orders was constantly replenishing itself, but thankfully beer garden staff were just as constantly rushing about, delivering drinks to customers.

I know almost nothing about beer–other than the fact that “hops” doesn’t mean the same thing in the beer world, and that there are a dizzying variety of brands at the grocery store–so I let my husband be the judge on Sun King’s newest concoction. His vote: thumbs up.

Of course, beer and wine always taste better when you’re surrounded by hundreds of thousands of blooming tulips and other spring florals (because, um, science?). With a map, we took to the Spring Blooms trail–taking a detour or two to walk along the back side of Lilly House.

The IMA Beer Garden will remain open Thursdays-Sundays through the end of May; summer hours are still TBD. Learn more.

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