Did someone say “cat cafe?”

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I interrupt this steady stream of #OOTD blog posts to give you something even more important: photos of adorable cats. Happy Monday, friends!
In case you haven’t heard, Indy’s first cat cafe opened in Fountain Square this weekend–and let’s just say Dolores Umbridge would be proud. (I never apologize for my Harry Potter references.) Nine Lives Cat Cafe offers coffee, selections from Nelson’s Tea (including a special Nine Lives blend with catnip!) and the cutest cat-shaped cookies I ever did see, courtesy of Whisk Bakery in Greenwood. But that’s only half of the attraction–the other half being 6 furry, sleepy, purring cats from the Humane Society of Indianapolis. Fall in love with one of them? They’re all available for adoption! Can’t own a cat of your own thanks to apartment regulations or an allergic roommate? Get your fill of pets and purrs. Already own too many cats? No one’s going to call you out for being a cat lady (or cat… gentleman?).

Here’s a peek from my visit during Yelp’s grand opening party at Nine Lives on Saturday:

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